Water and health

Tips for drinking more water

  • Be a water role model. We all know kids pick up habits from mom and dad. When your kids see you drinking water and healthy drinks they are more likely to drink them too! That means better health today and tomorrow.
  • Serve water cold — it tastes better. Try refrigerating it or adding ice.
  • Flavor water. Make the transition to more water by adding slices of fresh fruit or freezing 100% fruit juice into ice cubes and adding a cube to a glass of water.
  • Keep sugary drinks out of the fridge and out of the house. What happens at home sets the tone for what happens everywhere else.
  • Make a new habit of serving only water between meals.
  • Make sugary drinks a treat like candy. Just one soda or juice drink can have as much sugar as two candy bars (on average, based on a 20 fl. oz. portion size). If you choose to give your kids a sugary drink make sure they understand it's a special treat and not something to expect daily.
  • Keep portions small. If you choose to give your kids a sugary drink, control the portion size. Keep in mind that "small" isn't what it used to be. It's not uncommon for the "small" size fountain drink at fast food restaurants to be 20 oz.
  • Give your kids personal water bottles. They can carry them in the car and on the go.
  • Transition gradually away from juice drinks by adding water to them.
The Truth About Sugar
Your kids are already sweet. Don't add sugar. Just Add Water