Sugary drinks and health risks

Are Sports Drinks good for active kids?

Sports drinks are sugary drinks. In most cases, water is the best choice for hydration. The American College of Sports Medicine found that there was no difference between consuming water and sports drinks during exercise lasting less than one hour.1 So, unless your child is at sports camp or competing in the summer heat, water is probably the best choice to keep them hydrated. Talk with your child's doctor or a registered dietitian if you have concerns. Carefully consider the amount of sugar in sports drinks before adding them to your child's diet. Keep cool water readily available for active kids at home and during activities.
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What about energy drinks?

Most energy drinks have very high amounts of sugar and caffeine. Parents should carefully read the labels of these products and talk to a doctor or registered dietitian before giving energy drinks to their children.

The Truth About Sugar
Your kids are already sweet. Don't add sugar. Just Add Water